The Brand Boost Roadmap

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Want to BOOST your marketing results but NOT sure what to do or how?

The Brand Boost Roadmap is designed for businesses and organizations that need to turn around their branding, messaging  and results NOW and don’t know what to do, where to start, and don’t want to commit tens of thousands of dollars to a full-fledged marketing plan and execution. It consists of:

  1. A one on one, 2 hour interview session where we ask you specific eye-opening questions about your brand, your message, and your points of view.
  2. A review of your branding, marketing and communications materials, your messaging and your online presence.
  3. We provide you with a concise brief that outlines your opportunities and gives you specific recommendations about how to move forward.
  4. We wrap it up with a two hour follow up session where we explain our recommendations.

Included in every Brand Boost Roadmap: 

  • Initial interview session
  • Brand analysis (logo, taglines, positioning, messaging, etc.)
  • Collateral materials review and analysis
  • Social media presence analysis
  • Website analysis (usability, SEO, branding, conversion)
  • ✓ Review of online traffic analytics
  • Digital ad campaigns analysis
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Conversion rate analysis (lead gen / e-commerce)
  • Expert analysis and recommendations included in brief
  • ✓ Follow up session to explain and discuss analysis and recommendations
  • ✓ No further contractual commitment
  • ✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed

Discover Your Brand Opportunities

We Will Listen. We Will Review. We’ll Tell You How!

Are you targeting the right audience? Are you using the right channels? Does your brand “pop” and stand out? Is your messaging clear? These are the types of questions we will help answer with specific solutions!

Brand Boost Audit (Nonprofits)

✓ Initial 2 hour interview
✓ Fact finding consultation and assessment
✓ 10 hour Audit, including:
✓ Brand analysis
✓ Messaging assessment
✓ Review of marketing materials and collateral
✓ Digital ad campaign analysis
✓ Online presence assessment
✓ Concise audit report (brief) with executable recommendations
✓ Follow up meeting to discuss and explain recommendations

Brand Boost Audit (For Profit Brands)

✓ Initial 2 hour interview
✓ Fact finding consultation and assessment
✓ 10 hour Audit, including:
✓ Brand analysis
✓ Messaging assessment
✓ Review of marketing materials and collateral
✓ Digital ad campaign analysis
✓ Online presence assessment (website + social media)
✓ Pricing analysis
✓ Conversion Rate analysis
✓ Concise audit report (brief) with executable recommendations
✓ Follow up meeting to discuss and explain recommendations


When will the initial meeting be scheduled?
As soon as you have purchased the pop audit, you will receive a confirmation email and a follow up call. You will be provided a link to a scheduling calendar.
Can multiple people be included on the client side of the call?
Yes. During our initial call you can have multiple people, including Board members, directors, staff, etc. Just make sure to keep the number limited, because the time allocation for the meeting is 2 hours.
Will I need to prepare anything prior to the meeting?
Yes. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the call, we will ask that you provide us with a good amount of information prior to the meeting. In addition to your website, social media profiles, etc., we would like to have digital copies of your marketing materials, collateral, reports. etc.
How long will it take for us to receive the brief with the recommendations?
It will typically take 48 hours.
When will the follow up meeting to review the recommendations be scheduled?
This is flexible according to the client’s scheduling needs, as well as ours. However, it is preferable to have the follow up meeting no more than one week after the recommendations brief was sent to the client.
Will I be required to hire Cause Per Click to execute the recommendations in the brief?
No, you won’t. Our recommendations will be executable by any knowledgeable person in your staff, or by a third party agency of your choosing. However, we would be happy to take the recommendations and run with them if you choose us to do so.
What is the difference between the Brand Boost Roadmap and a Marketing / Communications Plan?
A Marketing and Communications Plan is a much more extensive document and process. In addition to the audit portion, it also typically involves a significant amount of primary and secondary research, as well as a detailed media budget and strategic action plan. The Brand Boost Roadmap has a similar purpose but with a more narrow focus, and does not include any primary research or detailed media plan.
Does the audit include any design or programming deliverables?
No, it’s an audit which will provide specific recommendations and steps to follow based on your specific needs. If the recommendations include any design or programming issues, we will give you specific guidelines to follow, but not actual work product.
Do I need to commit to a contract?
Can I add multiple brands, and/or organizations within a single Brand Boost Roadmap?


Gerardo and his team have helped me in a number of products and projects for over ten years. They are extremely competent with everything that has to do with branding and e-commerce marketing. They have been instrumental in executing over a dozen company launches in the nutraceutical space.

Jeff Powlowski

My organization is a small non-profit that went through a substantial mission change. We needed to re-position our company and come up with a professional, creative new name, logo and identity. Cause Per Click did all of this for us and helped us to bring together our diverse stakeholders to grasp and celebrate the new positioning.


Gerardo is a skilled marketer, detail oriented, an entrepreneur at heart and a consummate professional. He also happens to be a great human being. I wholeheartedly support anyone who is inclined to business with him.

estela garcia

The team at Cause Per Click, with the leadership of its Executive Director, provided us with an outstanding Marketing and Communications Plan. They displayed an uncanny ability to learn about the Education sector, our mission and challenges. Implementing this plan will allow us to expand our footprint on a nationwide basis.


I had absolutely nothing but the best outcome with Gerardo and his team with a Google Adwords campaign they managed!! Gerardo amazed me with not only how professional his work was, but also with the rapid response we were obtaining through the Adwords campaigns.

levi leyba

The Cause Per Click team not only provided professional and timely service in the development of my company’s new website, but we relied upon their experience for guidance appropriate to our particular cause. They knew which questions to ask, making the whole process relatively hands-off.

Celia Flye small

Gerardo is a true leader. He knows how to motivate others to perform their best while maintaining a professional and respectful demeanor. It would be an honor to work with him again.

Angel Lopez

The team at Cause Per Click are really dedicated to marketing nonprofits, and were fully engaged in really understanding our nonprofit’s needs. The Plan they did for us allowed our nonprofit to really see where we needed to improve, and how we could make small changes that made a large impact.

Erika Mahoney

We have used Gerardo and his team as marketing consultants for several times and are always thrilled with the results of implementing his recommendations. He uses a data driven approach to increasing your customer base and his recommendations work.


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