Cause Populi Will Soon Change its Name to ‘Cause Per Click’

November 29, 2020
causepopuli causeperclick

Cause Populi launched in 2010, and after more than 10 years of having become one of the premier marketing agencies that specializes in nonprofits and socially responsible companies, the company is taking its next step in its evolution and being renamed as “Cause Per Click.”

The new name represents the change in direction that our base of customers have helped us take. When we first started, we were primarily a creative production agency, mostly focused in designing and producing marketing materials from logos to brochures, videos and websites. While these services still sit at the center of what we do, our primary focus at this stage is in the implementation and management of marketing campaigns. These services range from pay-per-click advertising programs, social media marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, CRM integration, etc.

Furthermore, while our near exclusive mission at the outset was to service and support the marketing efforts of nonprofit organizations, the necessary influx of for-profit clients has become the larger portion of our ongoing clientele. We continue to support nonprofits through discounted services and management of externally funded advertising grants programs, but we can afford to do it primarily because of the patronage of our socially responsible corporate clientele. The Health and Wellness segment of our clientele continues to grow, and we foresee that it will continue to solidify and expand in the future.

Nevertheless, our mission remains to help and serve socially responsible organizations of all sizes, both nonprofits and for profit. We intend to continue to allocate a portion of our revenues to support nonprofits via reduced pricing, as well as a number of new programs and services that will be announced in the future.

Cause Per Click is a digital marketing agency. We specialize in nonprofit marketing and dietary supplement marketing, helping socially responsible brands grow their online presence and get results that make an impact.