NutraNext Acquired by Clorox for $700 MM

April 19, 2018
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Clorox, a renowned consumer goods company, recently made a significant move in the health and wellness industry by acquiring NutraNext (formerly WellNext) for an impressive $700 million. This strategic acquisition allows Clorox to expand its portfolio and tap into the growing market of dietary supplements. This follows another recent acquisition by Clorox of one of NutraNext’s brands – RenewLife  – for $230 million.

Who Is NutraNext

NutraNext is one of our long standing clients. We have worked with them since 2012, when they were still called Nature’s Products, Inc, and later rebranded as WellNext.  NutraNext is widely recognized as a vertically-integrated developer, manufacturer, and marketer of dietary supplements. Their expertise lies in offering innovative products that promote health and well-being through natural ingredients, boasting an impressive portfolio of supplement brands. In calendar year 2017, Nutranext generated sales of about $200 million.

General Terms of Acquisition

Clorox will pay $700 million to acquire Nutranext, with the purchase price representing about 3.5 times calendar year 2017 sales. By acquiring NutraNext, Clorox gains access to their extensive knowledge and experience in this specialized field.

This acquisition aligns perfectly with Clorox’s commitment to providing consumers with high-quality products that enhance their lives. With increasing awareness about the importance of maintaining good health, there has been a surge in demand for dietary supplements worldwide. People are looking for effective ways to support their immune system, boost energy levels, improve digestion, or address specific nutritional deficiencies.

Synergies Gained

By incorporating NutraNext’s offerings into its existing product lineup, Clorox can cater to this evolving consumer demand effectively. The acquisition gives them the opportunity to diversify their revenue streams while staying true to their core values of delivering reliable and trustworthy solutions.

Moreover, NutraNext’s vertical integration capabilities further strengthen Clorox’s position in the market. From research and development to manufacturing and supplement marketing – NutraNext handles every step of the process internally. This comprehensive approach ensures greater control over product quality assurance while also driving operational efficiencies.

The partnership between Clorox and NutraNext opens up possibilities for synergies between both companies’ distribution networks as well. As part of one entity now, they can leverage each other’s established relationships with retailers across various channels such as supermarkets, pharmacies, online platforms or specialty stores. This increased market reach translates into enhanced sales potential for NutraNext’s extensive portfolio of dietary supplement brands.


Clorox’s acquisition of NutraNext is a strategic move that enables them to capitalize on the growing demand for dietary supplements. With NutraNext’s vertical integration capabilities and innovative product offerings, Clorox strengthens its position in the health and wellness sector while expanding its revenue streams. This partnership has immense potential for both companies to drive growth, enhance consumer satisfaction, and make significant strides in promoting overall well-being through high-quality dietary supplements.

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