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PUMPD Pre-Workout Supplement Gummies

Even though they are veterans in the competitive fitness supplement industry, the launch of PUMPD Labs‘ new line of pre-workout supplement gummies marked a significant milestone for its founders. Having successfully launched and grown several DTC brands as well as amassed millions of social media followers, the founders understood the value of working with an experienced Supplement Marketing Agency. Our Startup Branding Package was the perfect vehicle for their new product line. To ensure that this innovative product made a strong impression in the market, they tasked our team with creating an impactful brand identity and an online presence that would resonate with health-conscious consumers.

Pumpd logo concepts
PUMPD branding

Brand Development:

Our first step was to delve into the ethos of what the owners wanted to accomplish and understand their vision for these unique pre-workout gummies. Through brainstorming, domain research and collaborative sessions with the founders, we came up with the brand name PUMPD  and uncovered key attributes they wanted their brand to embody. We then crafted a brand narrative that communicated these qualities while appealing to customers who demand convenient yet effective workout supplements.

Logo Design:

The logo serves as the cornerstone of any branding effort. For PUMPD, we developed a number of viable logo concepts, then narrowed it down to a short list, and then we applied different treatments to the final selection to arrive at a final logo. We  designed a logo that is both dynamic and strong – echoing the energizing effects of their pre-workout formula. The new brand mark features strong typography, and the center “M” serves as an icon that resembles a dumbbell. We also developed a brand manual to maintain consistency in branding, outlining how elements like color palettes, fonts, imagery styles should be used across various media formats.

Label & Packaging Design:

PUMPD’s founders recognized early on that packaging could not be overlooked, and they chose a high-end bottle to stand out from the competition. The product label had to be a representation of the brand values and its design had to match the high-tech quality of the bottle. Our label design focused on aesthetics, clarity, appeal, and functionality. We designed eye-catching labels for multiple flavors and using a premium finish, for a superior packaging look.

PUMPD featured portfolio

E-commerce Website Development Using Shopify:

Recognizing modern shoppers’ preference for convenience coupled with secure shopping experiences, we chose Shopify as our platform due to its robust e-commerce features and user-friendly interface.

We meticulously structured each page around consumer behavior patterns gleaned from analytics insights—such as placing high-quality images front-and-center on landing pages or using persuasive copywriting techniques within product descriptions—and integrated advanced features like subscription models or one-click purchase options tailored specifically towards repeat buyers looking for hassle-free restocking options before hitting the gym.

To bring everything together cohesively we made sure PUMPD’s new online store followed the same aesthetic as the labels, incorporating some of the same design elements and the color black background to the design of the website.

PUMPD Labs GT Metrix Grade

Top Speed Performance

Online shoppers are impatient and demanding. Your website has about 3 seconds to make an impression on them. When we build a website we design them to be beautiful, we structure them for conversion, and we code them to perform at top speed. Our web design and development process translates into winning websites that turn visitors into customers – and transforms startups into major brands.