Nonprofit Website Design and Development for SBSTESA

Background and Scope

We had helped Santa Barbara STESA launch and new brand and website about 6 years ago. The team at SBSTESA recently commissioned a redesign of their existing website in order to better match their new brand identity with current design trends and help them reach their community.

SBSTESA Porfolio website

The Redesign / Redevelopment Process

To address SBSTESA’s needs, we went back to the drawing board and focused our efforts on the following aspects:

1. User Experience Design: We started by conducting user experience (UX) research. This involved analyzing how visitors interacted with the existing site using heatmaps and analytics tools like Google Analytics. For instance, we noticed high bounce rates on critical pages such as ‘Upcoming Events’ due to slow load times caused by heavy media files. To tackle this issue specifically during redevelopment, we optimized all visual assets ensuring faster page loads while maintaining visual quality.

2. Navigational Structure: Next came restructuring the navigational hierarchy of the website so that information could be found more intuitively by various stakeholders — from clients looking for resources to donors interested in understanding how their contributions make an impact. An example here includes streamlining menu items under clearly labeled categories such as ‘Programs’, ‘Events’, ‘Resources’, and ‘Support Us’.

3. Visual Redesign: Aesthetically speaking, SBSTESA’s website  needed a refresh that reflected its commitment to their cause —a vibrant color scheme was introduced alongside modern typography choices which collectively imbued new life into their virtual space.

4. Mobile Optimization: With mobile browsing surpassing desktop usage across multiple demographics globally—and particularly amongst younger tech-savvy individuals—we ensured every aspect of SBSTESA’s redesigned site was responsive so whether someone visited via phone or tablet they would receive an equally satisfying user experience compared when accessing via desktop computers.

6. Accessibility Enhancements: Lastly but importantly considering inclusivity meant making sure accessibility standards were met allowing people with disabilities equal access – features added include text-to-speech functions option increase/decrease font size contrast adjustments etcetera thereby widening reach further still beyond typical audience segments catered prior revamp efforts took place.

7. Speed Optimization: By using proper coding methodologies, we were able to make this WordPress site run at top speed.  We ensured every aspect of SBSTESA’s code was written with speed in mind, so whether someone a visitor browsed the site via a laptop or a mobile device they would be able to load the site quickly, find their services or make a donation without long loading times.

SBSTESA GTMetrix Speed Performance Report

The Results

The result? A WordPress-based digital environment where each visit feels less like stepping into static brochure more akin entering lively continuously evolving ecosystem teeming opportunities connect learn grow—much parallel ever-changing field itself champions day-in day-out basis! Our experienced and highly-skilled designers created an attractive, modern website that perfectly aligns with the nonprofit’s mission. The optimized site is designed for maximum engagement, with intuitive navigation tools leading visitors through pages filled with informative content about the organization’s various programs. Everything from colors and fonts to images and animations were carefully chosen in order to create a visually stimulating user experience that effectively communicates SBSTESA’s core values of education, support, and advocacy. It also includes accessibility tools to make it possible for users with visual or auditory disabilities to better navigate the website. We are proud of our work as a nonprofit marketing agency creating this website for such an important local cause!