Website Design and Development for SBSTESA Nonprofit

We had helped Santa Barbara STESA launch and new brand and website about 6 years ago. The team at SBSTESA recently commissioned a redesign of their existing website in order to better match their new brand identity with current design trends and help them reach their community. Our experienced and highly-skilled designers created an attractive, modern website that perfectly aligns with the nonprofit’s mission. The optimized site is designed for maximum engagement, with intuitive navigation tools leading visitors through pages filled with informative content about the organization’s various programs. Everything from colors and fonts to images and animations were carefully chosen in order to create a visually stimulating user experience that effectively communicates SBSTESA’s core values of education, support, and advocacy. It also includes accessibility tools to make it possible for users with visual or auditory disabilities to better navigate the website. We are proud of our work as a nonprofit marketing agency creating this website for such an important local cause!

SBSTESA Porfolio website