Increase your impact and reach your goals faster with Cause Per Click’s tailored marketing services. Our team of experts specialize in providing health brands and nonprofits with innovative, cost-effective marketing strategies that deliver results.


Gerardo and his team have helped me in a number of products and projects for over ten years. They are extremely competent with everything that has to do with branding and e-commerce marketing. They have been instrumental in executing over a dozen company launches in the nutraceutical space.

My organization is a small non-profit that went through a substantial mission change. We needed to re-position our company and come up with a professional, creative new name, logo and identity. Cause Per Click did all of this for us and helped us to bring together our diverse stakeholders to grasp and celebrate the new positioning.

The team at Cause Per Click, with the leadership of its Executive Director, provided us with an outstanding Marketing and Communications Plan. They displayed an uncanny ability to learn about the Education sector, our mission and challenges. Implementing this plan will allow us to expand our footprint on a nationwide basis.

The Cause Per Click team not only provided professional and timely service in the development of my company’s new website, but we relied upon their experience for guidance appropriate to our particular cause. They knew which questions to ask, making the whole process relatively hands-off.

The team at Cause Per Click are really dedicated to marketing nonprofits, and were fully engaged in really understanding our nonprofit’s needs. The Plan they did for us allowed our nonprofit to really see where we needed to improve, and how we could make small changes that made a large impact.

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