Branding and Packaging Redesign for EZMelts – a Vitamin Brand

EZMelts is a brand of high-quality, dissolvable vitamins that are designed to provide essential nutrients in a convenient and easy-to-use format. We worked closely with the brand’s founders in a major rebranding effort. Their old logo was outdated and the packaging looked low quality. Furthermore, since this was a new product category, they needed to educate the public in its usage. This could be helped with a good tagline.

The new logo design we came up with features modern bold lettering with a black and green color scheme. It also incorporates elements such as a leaf and a bubble arch which symbolizes the natural ingredients and the dissolvable quality of their vitamin products.

The company’s new tagline, “Nutrition that Melts in Your Mouth,” perfectly encapsulates the unique value proposition of EZMelts products. Unlike traditional vitamin pills or capsules, EZMelts vitamins dissolve quickly and easily in your mouth without requiring water or any other liquids. The new tagline highlights how easy it is to incorporate EZMelts vitamins into your daily routine because of their great flavors and ease of use.

The new packaging design aimed to improve the overall user experience in a way that reflected the new branding. The most significant improvement in the new EZMelts packaging is its visual appeal. The previous design was outdated, dull, and lacked any eye-catching elements that would attract potential buyers. However, with this redesign, the company has introduced vibrant colors and graphics that highlight key features such as flavor options, nutritional information, etc., which makes them stand out among other vitamin brands.

ezmelts rebranding 01