Collateral Materials Design for BariMelts, a Supplements Brand

BariMelts, a revolutionary line of supplements for bariatric patients, required collateral materials that would convey their unique brand identity and highlight the benefits of their products. Our design team worked diligently to create visually captivating brochures and informative pamphlets that showcased BariMelts’ commitment to improving the health and wellness of its customers. The materials feature bold colors and crisp imagery, emphasizing the company’s dedication to high-quality ingredients and rigorous testing standards. Each page is filled with engaging content that educates potential buyers on the science behind BariMelts’ innovative formulas, while also providing helpful tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-surgery.

Overall, our collateral designs perfectly capture the professional yet approachable tone of BariMelts’ brand, making it easy for consumers to trust in this exceptional product line. A clear example of what a supplement marketing agency can accomplish for your product line. Read the BariMelts case study to learn more about the strategy we designed to relaunch this direct to consumer brand.

barimelts collateral