Branding Identity and Logo Design for BariMelts, a Vitamin Brand

BariMelts, the leading brand of supplements for bariatric patients, has undergone a stunning transformation with their logo redesign. The new emblem features a bold and dynamic typography that exudes confidence and strength. The vibrant green and purple color scheme radiates positivity and vitality, perfectly capturing the essence of the BariMelts brand. The iconic “B” with leaf silhouettes represent the natural ingredients used. The clean lines and minimalist design highlight the simplicity and effectiveness of their products while also evoking a sense of sophistication and modernity. This logo is not just an update to an old image but rather it represents a new era for BariMelts as they continue to innovate in providing high-quality supplements for individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery. Overall, this redesign speaks volumes about BariMelts’ commitment to excellence in both form and function – truly embodying their mission to help bariatric patients achieve optimal health through superior nutrition.

Read the BariMelts case study to learn more about the strategy we implemented to relaunch this direct-to-consumer brand.

Barimelts logo