Packaging Redesign for BariMelts, a Supplements Brand

BariMelts, a line of supplements specially designed for bariatric patients, engaged us to undergo a remarkable transformation of their branding. This rebranding effort included its new supplement packaging design. The sleek and modern design is eye-catching and perfectly complements the supplement’s efficacy in aiding weight loss post-bariatric surgery. The new packaging features bright colors that immediately grab attention, while the bold fonts communicate essential information about each product’s benefits clearly. With a minimalist approach to design, every element on the package serves a specific purpose – from guiding customers on how to consume it correctly to highlighting key ingredients that make BariMelts stand out from other supplements in the market. Overall, BariMelts’ revamped packaging exudes an air of sophistication and professionalism that reflects its commitment to providing high-quality products tailor-made for bariatric patients seeking long-term health solutions.

Read the BariMelts case study to learn more about the strategy we implemented to relaunch this direct-to-consumer brand.

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