Trade Show Materials Design for BariMelts – a Supplement Brand

We designed trade show materials for BariMelts, a line of supplements specially formulated for bariatric patients. Our goal was to capture the essence of this innovative product while conveying its unique benefits to potential customers. The materials featured stunning visuals that showcased the products’ high-quality packaging and vibrant colors. We also included detailed information about each supplement’s ingredients and nutritional value, making it easy for attendees to understand the health benefits they offer.

The tone we aimed to convey was one of professionalism and expertise, reflecting our deep understanding of the needs of bariatric patients. As such, we employed clear language that highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality and safety standards in every aspect of production. Overall, Barimelts’ trade show materials were designed with care and precision so that they could stand out in a crowded trade show as an exceptional product tailored specifically for those who have undergone weight loss surgery or are struggling with obesity management challenges. A great example of what a good supplement marketing agency can do for a vitamin brand.

Read the BariMelts case study to learn more about the strategy we designed to relaunch this direct-to-consumer brand.

barimelts trade show