Web Design for Coney Island Fun Guide – A Nonprofit

Coney Island Fun Guide (CIFG) received an exceptional web design from the team at Cause Per Click. The website was designed using modern technologies, ensuring that it looks great across all devices and browsers. The design is very brand-centric, using the colors, shapes and iconography of their new logo throughout the site. Features of the website included an event calendar where visitors could purchase event tickets, a partner directory where different vendors and attractions could post events and information, as well as maps and itineraries for visitors along with general information. The user-friendly interface makes navigating the site intuitive for visitors of all ages and technical abilities. With its bold colors, inviting fonts, and engaging visuals, CIFG’s new website is sure to make a stunning impression on those who want to visit Coney Island’s historic waterfront, restaurants and attractions for the whole family.

coney island fun guide scaled

Project Background

The design of the Coney Island Fun Guide website was meticulously crafted to serve as a comprehensive resource for travelers planning their visit to this historic and vibrant borough of New York City. Recognized as an iconic seaside destination, Coney Island boasts a storied past and an array of modern attractions that continue to draw visitors from around the globe.

Web Design Process and Features

Upon landing on the homepage, users are greeted with a visually engaging interface featuring high-resolution images capturing the essence of Coney Island—from its bustling boardwalks to its legendary amusement park rides like The Cyclone roller coaster and Wonder Wheel Ferris wheel. These visuals not only captivate but also provide a taste of what awaits them.

One critical aspect we focused on was user navigation; ensuring tourists can effortlessly find directions is paramount. Interactive maps equipped with GPS functionality allow visitors to plot routes from their current location directly to various points of interest within Coney Island. For example, someone staying in Manhattan could use our step-by-step guide detailing subway lines or bus routes leading straight to the heart of Coney Island’s excitement.

Vendor listings are another key feature designed with depth and utility in mind. We compiled an extensive database covering everything from classic boardwalk food stands serving up Nathan’s Famous hot dogs—a must-try for any visitor—to artisanal craft markets offering unique souvenirs handcrafted by local artisans. Each listing includes detailed descriptions, photos, operating hours, and contact information so tourists can plan their culinary adventures or shopping excursions with confidence.

Recognizing that events form the heartbeat of Coney Island’s allure throughout different seasons, we created an interactive schedule seamlessly integrating into the site’s architecture. This calendar is regularly updated with happenings such as concerts at Ford Amphitheater or special seasonal activities like Halloween Harvest at Luna Park—Coney Island’s premier amusement park replete with thrilling rides and games. Visitors can filter events based on dates, categories, or interests, enabling them to tailor their itineraries accordingly.

Throughout each section—whether browsing through vendor profiles or reading about upcoming festivals—the content remains cohesive thanks to clear headings, intuitive layout structures, and language tailored toward both first-time visitors unfamiliar with Coney Island as well as returning enthusiasts seeking new experiences.

A New Era for Coney Island Fun Guide

Ultimately, our dedication has culminated in crafting more than just a website: it’s become both compass and companion for those venturing into one of New York City’s most treasured playgrounds – enriching every trip before they even set foot onto sandy shores beneath towering coasters echoing laughter against Atlantic waves. This new website with its entertaining yet user-friendly interface became the catalyst to one of the busiest seasons in the history of the organization and the city, boasting some of the highest attendance numbers for multiple events, as well as record traffic and viewership statistics.