Tagline Copywriting for COSH Worker Safety Campaign

COSH‘s campaign tagline “Speak Up for Safe Work” is a powerful call to action that encapsulates the campaign’s mission of asking workers to share their stories to demand safe working conditions. With just five words, this tagline conveys a sense of outreach and engagement, urging workers to prioritize their well-being on the job. The tagline emphasizes the idea that speaking up demanding safe practices in the workplace can have long-lasting effects on one’s overall health and quality of life. Moreover, by using such concise language, this nonprofit marketing tagline manages to convey its message without being preachy or overwhelming. Instead, this tagline serves as a reminder that every worker has the right to feel secure and protected while on the job site. Overall, through its clever choice of wording and tone, COSH’s tagline successfully captures both the essence of its campaign and its commitment towards creating safer work environments for all individuals involved.

COSH Speak Up Tagline