Branding Identity and Logo Design for Entrust CS, a Nonprofit

The brand identity logo designed for Entrust CS, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving people with disabilities, is both striking and meaningful. The logo features a bold human icon shape in the center of a circle, which is flanked by the name of the organization. The color palette includes shades of blue and green that evoke feelings of trustworthiness and growth. The font used for the company name is clean and modern yet approachable. It represents a great example of what we can accomplish as a nonprofit marketing agency.

The overall tone of this logo conveys a sense of hopefulness and empowerment for individuals with disabilities who seek support from Entrust CS. It represents their commitment to providing compassionate care while fostering independence among those they serve.
In conclusion, the brand identity logo created for Entrust CS accurately captures its mission to empower people with disabilities through its bright colors, strong typography choice and attention-grabbing design elements that make it stand out amongst other logos in the industry.

entrust logo