Stationery Design for Entrust CS, a Nonprofit

The stationery design completed for Entrust CS, a nonprofit organization, is a testament to the power of thoughtful graphic design. The elegant yet modern logo sits atop crisp white paper with an understated watermark that adds depth and texture to the overall presentation. The font choice is clean and legible, conveying trustworthiness and professionalism while still maintaining approachability. The use of color is limited but impactful; a bright blue serves as the primary shade, evoking feelings of stability and reliability, while pops of bright green add just enough flair to make this stationery stand out from the crowd. Overall, this design exudes confidence in its simplicity – it’s clear that every detail has been carefully considered to create a cohesive whole that perfectly represents Entrust CS’s mission as a nonprofit dedicated to empowering individuals through education and community engagement. Another example of what we can accomplish as a premier nonprofit marketing agency.

entrust  mockup CPsationery