Infographic Design for Groundwork, An Environmental Nonprofit

Designing an infographic for Groundwork USA, a leading environmental nonprofit, was a challenging yet exhilarating task. The goal was to create an eye-catching and informative visual representation of the organization’s mission and impact from a nonprofit marketing perspective. As we delved into their website and research materials, we felt inspired by their commitment to empowering communities to revitalize brownfields, parks, and other neglected urban spaces.

The tone of the infographic had to be both authoritative and engaging – presenting data in a clear and concise manner while also highlighting human stories that demonstrate the real-world benefits of Groundwork’s work. To achieve this balance, we used bold colors, playful icons, and striking graphics that captured the impact and diversity of their projects.

The layout of the infographic design followed a logical flow, with each segment of the infographic highlighting different spheres of their work. Each section featured statistics on how many sites were transformed or how much pollution was reduced thanks to Groundwork’s efforts.

Overall, creating this infographic for Groundwork USA reminded us why design can have such a powerful impact when combined with meaningful content. It allowed us to contribute towards promoting positive change in our environment – something we all benefit from but often take for granted.

GW Infographic updated 01