Logo Redesign for Groundwork USA, an Environmental Nonprofit

We helped Groundwork USA, the environmental nonprofit, in their effort to refresh their branding with a logo redesign. The updated logo is a harmonious blend of simplicity and elegance, conveying the organization’s commitment to preserving nature in an understated yet impactful way. This is consistent with best practices in nonprofit marketing and branding strategies.

The existing triangular icon in their previous logo iteration was updated and takes center stage in the design. The triangular shape represents renewal, and its lush green color symbolizes the organization’s ecological impact and growth.  The word “Groundwork” is written in bold uppercase letters and forms one of the sides of the triangle. The font used for “Groundwork” is highly legible and evokes a sense of approachability and purpose.

We also developed and did the copywriting of the tagline “Changing People, Changing Lives” which is incorporated as an integral part of the brand, and placed centered just below the triangle. Overall, this updated logo captures Groundwork USA’s mission perfectly—protecting natural resources while building sustainable communities—with clarity and beauty. It inspires hope for our planet’s future by reminding us of our responsibility towards green urban spaces through its clean lines and vibrant colors—a true testament to how well-designed logos can make all the difference!

Groundwork logo