Brand Manual for Habitat for Humanity – McMinville

We designed the brand manual for McMinville Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building affordable housing and empowering communities. The brand manual is a meticulously crafted document that serves as a style guide for the use of the brand mark and logo in a way that reflects the organization’s values and mission. The manual features a clean and modern design, with colorful graphics and easy-to-read typography that convey the upbeat tone of the brand. Each page is filled with key information about Habitat’s visual identity, including color palettes, logos, typography guidelines, and photography styles. The manual also includes detailed instructions on how to use these elements effectively across all types of media – from social media posts to print materials – ensuring consistency in every aspect of Habitat’s branding efforts.

Overall, this brand manual is an impressive example of the importance placed by Habitat for Humanity on its visual identity as it continues to make a difference in communities around the world. If you would like additional information about our nonprofit marketing services, please feel free to contact us.

brand manual3