Web Design for Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline – A Nonprofit

The website design completed for the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline (IDVH) from The Network is a stunning representation of the parent organization’s mission to provide support and resources for victims of domestic violence. The website boasts a clean, modern layout with easy-to-navigate menus and eye-catching graphics that draw the viewer in. The color scheme of orange and purple represents the branding of the parent organization as well as the colors representative of the movement. Key details such as the crisis hotline telephone number, legal resources, and a “Quick Exit” button are prominently displayed on each page, making it simple for those seeking help to find what they need quickly. Overall, this piece of nonprofit marketing perfectly captures the tone of compassion and empowerment that The Network strives to embody in their work towards ending domestic violence.

IDVH Homepage V1OrangeOPT