Rebranding and Logo Design for MindLeaps, an Educational Nonprofit

The rebranding for MindLeaps, an educational nonprofit, was a monumental task that required meticulous planning and attention to detail. We took on this challenge with enthusiasm and creativity, working tirelessly to develop a new brand identity that accurately reflected the organization’s mission and values.

RDDC, or Rebecca Davis Dance Company, was founded in 2005 with a focus on creating original contemporary ballets. Following the success of their 2008 production DARFUR, founder Rebecca Davis began exploring post-genocide countries to study reconciliation efforts. In 2010, RDDC shifted its focus solely towards developing these programs abroad.

Our team of copywriters worked along with the founder and the Board of Directors to craft the new name for the organization – MindLeaps, after presenting multiple options and receiving feedback from key constituencies. Our designers carefully crafted a versatile logo that conveyed both intelligence and motion. The end result was an impactful visual identity system that help captured the essence of MindLeaps’ work in empowering vulnerable youth through dance education. With this rebranding effort, we were able to help MindLeaps stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve greater recognition for their important work. To learn more about what we can do as your nonprofit marketing agency, contact us and schedule a free assessment!

MindLeaps Branding